So I decided to start a blog.

Windy blogs drive me nuts, so I vow to keep this one pithy.

My Twitter page, which begat this blog, explains my deal thusly: “I live in the suburbs. All my friends are stay at home moms who read People and watch Oprah. I tweet to keep from going insane.”

I guess they’re no longer watching Oprah, but you get the idea.

Dear Kid: I am sure you are adorable. Just remind me: exactly who *are* you? P.S. Nice stamp!

So, here’s the suburban dilemma I face today. I just got this baby announcement and I seriously have no idea who these people are.

The envelope, mailed with the little guy’s customized monogram stamp of course, was addressed to us by hand. (Mom and Dad hired a calligrapher, which is S.O.P. in these parts). So they know who we are, but their name doesn’t ring a bell at all.

Do I send a gift? Drive to the return address to jog my memory? Stick the announcement on the side of a milk carton at the grocery store in hopes someone recognizes the name and clues me in?