A good friend is throwing a dinner party tonight, and I’m dreading it.

Her husband will be there.

I. Can’t. Stand. Him.

He refers to himself exclusively in the third person. He is an expert on everything, and corrects or one-ups others on every topic. He loves sending food back in restaurants then saying, “I was just messing with you” when the new dish arrives.

If I could poison his drink without getting caught, I would.

His wife and I have been close for years, so I can’t just drop her. Or can I?

On some level I think she realizes she married a jackass. He travels often and when we have lunch on his days away, she complains about how he spent their savings on a vintage car to restore “one of these days.” Or how on vacations he leaves to go fishing or golfing, leaving her to mind the kids.

Then he returns home with some trinket and she posts lovey dovey nonsense about her sweet adorable husband on Facebook. Makes me want to jab a knife in my eye.

She’s clearly sticking with him. Do I have to stick with her?