“I’m going through a rough time since Grandfather died,” my friend said during lunch at the Club. I drew closer, ready to console.

“His will states that in order to inherit my trust fund I have to work,” she continued. “I have never had a job! This is really going to disturb my lifestyle. I’m talking to my pastor about it.”

That’s right. Her wealthy grandfather says she must work if he’s going to bankroll her from beyond the grave – and she’s looking for intercessory prayer.

My outside voice said, “Good luck!” My inside voice said, “You did NOT just say that.”

The rich really are different, huh?

When I got an email from her later that day I though it might say, “Maybe I really don’t have it all that bad.” Instead she wanted my husband to “give her something to do” at his company. The will says she has to get a job. It doesn’t say how.

I never even told my husband, and she and I haven’t spoken since. I realize there’s an opportunity here to encourage her to grow (and grow up) but I’m not sure I have the right words yet.

Maybe I should talk to my pastor about this.