Have a seat, ladies.

Two of my friends are in this Hundred Years’ War, but they move in the same social circles and their kids are friends.

Well, their kids were friends.

Friend A, the more unhinged of the two, threw a princess party for her daughter. The daughter of Friend B was not invited, as she has been in years past.

Naturally Friend B, the more levelheaded yet vengeful of the two, is livid. True to form she has told anyone with a working set of ears about how her crazy frenemy took out her aggressions on this innocent child.

I think they’re both behaving badly. The girls have always been friends, and Friend B’s daughter should have been invited. However Friend B needs to quit airing details of every fight and just work out this long simmering feud with Friend A. (No one can remember why or when this conflict began, by the way.)

Friend A ought to chill out. She’s too easily offended and I fear her kids are going to start to mimic her twisted passive aggression as they get older.

Neither of them wants any advice. Each believes she is the injured party.

Maybe I’ll just fix a drink and grab that Time Out bench for myself.