I know three couples where both parties cheated, but got back together. Now they’re reentering social life.

First: Who knew the suburbs were so sordid?

Second: Do you remain friends with cheaters?

With Couple A, the guy had a fling. The wife threw him out and acquired a boyfriend. Now they’re back together and very candid, resulting in weird, awkward conversations.

Couple B got married because she was pregnant. She claims he’s always resented her and this supposedly drove her to an old flame. Then he went on a dating spree, even posting arm candy on Facebook. They finally nixed the extracurriculars and now act as though nothing happened.

Couple C is the saddest case. Their fourth kid looks nothing like the other three, but a whole lot like the tennis pro the wife saw while her husband “took a break.”

Social life in the suburbs is a slow-moving train. Stay on board, things chug along fine. Get off track, get left behind. Act reckless, expect a train wreck.

But suburbanites are an accommodating species. Most of my friends are back to inviting Couples A, B, and C to dinner parties.

I say these people all made their multiple beds, now they can go lie in them.

Or maybe I’m being too harsh.