A friend was married to a prominent entertainment lawyer.

Then, she wasn’t.

When they divorced after eight years of marriage, the iron-clad prenup left her broke.

She’s become the Invisible Woman.

Her life as Mrs. Big Shot was fantastic. He represents a slew of huge artists, so they’d jet off to the Grammy or Oscar Awards like the rest of us might go to the beach. When they separated one of the most jarring transitions for her was going to the grocery store herself again. His household staff always took care of that.

Her 40th birthday was last week and she sent out an email to round up a girls’ night. The response was underwhelming – her former personal trainer, dog groomer, and myself. That’s it. Where were all her fabulous friends in her hour of need?

We made the most of it and downed several bottles of good red wine. But when the server brought out a cake with candles, she started to cry.

“I didn’t want to do this,” my friend said. “Any of this. I didn’t want to get divorced. I didn’t want to turn 40. Here I am, poor and alone.”

It gets worse.

A gaggle of her erstwhile buddies came staggering in. They’d been to the movies and decided to stop off for a drink. They saw us and it was pretty clear what was going on – tears, birthday cake, smoking candles.

So, what did they do? Walked right by without a word.

There are a few lessons here I think. First, if you’re 32 and he’s 20 years older and a jerk, he might not be Mr. Right even if he is loaded. Second, know who your real friends are and keep them close.

Third, it takes two seconds to reach out to someone who’s hurting. We can all spare that.