What's going on here? Is it any of my business?

My husband came back from a golfing weekend with a troubling report.

One of his friends – the husband of one of my friends – was acting weird. I mean weird.

They go to the same resort for these annual jaunts. They bunk two to a room, hit the links all day, then find the bottom of several bottles. Nothing too wild but I think they enjoy the time away.

This year things got interesting. On the first night this one guy – let’s call him Rick – was acting a bit squirrelly. But guys are guys. They let things slide when women would pounce.

On the second day Rick kept his cell phone with him on the golf course, which is verboten. He said he was expecting a call from a big client. The other guys all shrugged. Again, they’re guys. They don’t overthink things.

That night Rick got a call well after midnight. He then left and the guys didn’t see him again. The next morning he said he’d gotten a call “about work” and then got hungry so he decided to drive to Wendy’s.

I’m sorry but HUH? Who takes “business” calls after midnight on a Saturday? Who drives to Wendy’s when they’re staying at a resort with a restaurant, room service, snack bar, etc. available right there?

Like I said, weird, right?

The guys are responding with a collective yawn but I find this very strange. If my husband was acting like this I would want to know. Wouldn’t you?

So, my dilemma. Do I join the communal shrug or pursue this? I don’t really have anything to report other than “your husband was acting weird.”

Do I mind my own business or get involved?