I have a seriously deadbeat friend and I’m tired of her mooching.

This friend, who I’ll call Penny (of course) is smart and funny. Our husbands like each other, we’ve been on some committees together and we have a lot in common. But I am totally bankrolling our friendship.

I’ve lost count of the dinners and luncheons I’ve hosted and invited her to, and we’ve had them over for several parties. The only time I have been invited to her house was for her baby shower.

I dread seeing her because a voice inside me screams “PAY UP!” when I do. I hate the tacky, petty feelings she evokes in me. Penny’s always quick to send thank-you notes and I wonder if ever occurs to her when she’s writing yet another one that it’s time to reciprocate. I guess not.

This isn’t a person with financial trouble. Her Facebook page is awash in glorious vacation photos. She doesn’t work but her husband, a doctor, does well. Their three kids are in private school and are in Europe this summer. I am not in Europe this summer.

I really do like her. Maybe she’s just unaware that our friendship is bankrupting me.

Do I pinch Penny from my circle of friends?