Don't worry this cake is gluten free and contains no peanut products.

Well sort of.

I think my Twitter career started a year ago this weekend.

I was at the pool over the Fourth of July holiday, listening to my friends read aloud People magazine with the reverence of a bunch of rabbis hunched over ancient Torah scrolls, and wondered how hard it would be to drown myself. Then I realized I had half a drink left and decided that would be silly.

So, I started tweeting instead.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my circle of friends, even though as my bio says they read People and watch Oprah (or did anyway. Now we’ve transitioned to Ellen, although she isn’t the beacon of guidance that O was). But I needed an outlet when I felt myself staring down the barrel of another discussion of peanut allergies, celiac disease, lactose intolerance or, even better, mastitis.

Thanks to all for reading and tweeting with me. It is a lot of fun, a healthier alternative to the vodka I.V. drip I sometimes contemplate, and cheaper than therapy.

Of course, once my chums IRL figure out “The Twitter,” as they call it, I’m busted and this train comes to a stop. For now, I’m enjoying the ride.