Hey Jesus you have GOT to try Peter's scalloped potatoes.

We suburbanites are a potluck-worshipping people.

We hold regular services at Our Lady of Tupperware and Glad Plastic. The Pyrex dish is a holy vessel.

When I pass the mural of the Lord’s Supper at my church I wonder if they sent around a sign-up sheet ahead of time to ensure the Disciples each brought something different. When Jesus comes back, I am convinced He will bring a dish to share.

But things have gotten out of hand.

I just got the invitation to a summer pool party that a friend has been talking about putting together for weeks now. “We want to have everyone over,” is how she described this gathering. No mention that it would be a potluck. But, whatever.

Only, the invitation didn’t just say “potluck.” It came complete with a list of instructions for what each person is assigned to bring.

I. Mean. Really. If you’re going to have a party, have a party. I will never show up at someone’s house empty-handed, and whenever we’re invited over I always ask what we can bring.

Receiving marching orders just seems like a bit much. Am I the only one? I mean, I have at times given lists of instructions to people who were coming to my house. Each time I was paying for their services, though.

I am trying to maintain a glad heart and cheerful disposition here. I guess I’ll just ask myself, WWJB? What Would Jesus Bring?