Help! 911!

I am sounding the social-scene siren. A cocktail party breaking-and-entering may be about to occur.

Here’s the deal. Our community Christmas party is coming up. It’s a large gathering – 200 people or more. A chance to connect with people you don’t see often. A big enough bash that you can hide from  people you see far too often.

The past couple of years I’ve held a little pre-party, which in my (totally biased) opinion is more fun than the real party. I think other people do this as well, to the point that the real action is in the pre-party hour. At the official party, people subtly compare notes to figure out whose pre-party they weren’t invited to. Oh, the tangled webs we weave out here in the suburbs.

Anyway, my pre-party is shaping up nicely. About 30 people are coming and I’ve done a pretty good job at keeping out intruders (this is not always the case; see my previous post).

I specifically did not invite this one couple. The girl and I are friendly enough but the guy is just a total tool. It is impossible to overstate how much my husband hates him. He’s just tiresome. Always refers to himself in the third person. Brags about money (really? in 2011?) Biggest know-it-all you’ve ever seen.

So my friend called and left a message tonight, while I was at another friend’s party to which she was not invited (but to which yet another pushy friend invited herself. What is with people? Sorry, I digress). In the message she asked if my husband and I would like to come over to her house before the party for a pre-party drink.

Obviously I can’t go to her pre-party. I’m having my own. I can’t make up an excuse like, “oh we’re going to be coming late that night, so we can’t make it,” because word will get out about my pre-party. I could probably stand her but my husband will not be happy if her tedious husband shows up.

What. Do. I. Do?