There is no such place.

I’ve had it with invitations to parties that come with catering assignments.

“Bring an appetizer to share and whatever you want to drink,” reads the latest GNO invite to hit my inbox.

It’s just the latest in a string of invitations where the hostess seems to be willing to open the front door but that’s about it – the guests are pressed into service supplying the refreshments.

When did potlucking become such a suburban meme? I honestly can’t remember the last time someone said, come over for drinks/dinner/whatever without essentially tacking on a grocery list. I’ve actually been invited to parties where the “hostess” doled out specific assignments. (“You there, shrimp cocktail, and be quick about it!”)

I don’t think you need to serve champagne and caviar at every gathering (although that’s a good way to ensure I’ll attend) and the potluck approach does make sense for a large or very casual gathering.

I should also note that the people organizing these community troughs aren’t impoverished. Actually, a working single-mom friend of mine is the most gracious hostess, and one of the few who’s always like, “Don’t bring a thing!”

But in general I think if you’re going to have a party, then have a party.

What do you think?